Budget Weddings

For couples on a limited budget or for couple who want a limited photographic coverage at their wedding I can now offer a number of packages at a reduced cost while still offering excellent value and quality.

Package 1
This package offers the couples an opportunity to have their special day covered by professional photographers and have the results displayed in a hand made and designed album.
You will have one photographer at the wedding, starting from guest arriving at the service, the photography will cover the service (if allowed) followed by a limited coverage after the service (approximately 1 hour)
The images taken will be placed on my website with password protection, this will allow the couple to view their images for the album. It will also allow access to anyone the couple wish to show their images to.
The album will be made up from a number of images (max 45) chosen by the couple.

The cost of this package is 450.00

Package 2
Package as above but the images are supplied on a disc and no album will be supplied at the standard price. Images will also be accessible on a website for other family members and friends to view them.

The cost of this package is 500.00

In all cases we give the couples every opportunity to have full input into their photographs, at the outset we give the couples our standard list. There will be a
pre wedding meeting to discuss the photography and if they choose an album they have are allowed changes until the album is to their liking.


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